Here you will find a selection of policy ideas by John Penrose MP...


Fixing the Carbon Leak

Carbon leakage risks undermining the economic gains associated with the net zero transition. By effectively offshoring our emissions, carbon leakage has significant economic and environmental consequences, and could ultimately risk the competitiveness of our manufacturing industries.

Poverty Trapped

In Poverty Trapped, John Penrose MP argues Britain has failed to abolish poverty because we’ve been looking at it the wrong way. Income inequality is an unhelpful lens that has led politicians to treat the symptoms rather than the causes.

A Shining City Upon A Hill

Britain’s economy isn’t working properly anymore. In the wake of the 2008 banking crash, and in the face of new digital challenges and disruptive technologies, it simply isn’t delivering the goods. Wage growth has been anaemic for most of us, while a few have become extraordinarily rich.

Time to Think Big

Britain currently faces three major problems. Firstly, we save, invest and build less than other countries – we have a rock-and-roll economy that lives for today, and does not invest for tomorrow.

The Great Rebalancing

This Government will be the first post-Brexit administration, with a once in a generation opportunity to recast the kind of society and economy we want Britain to be.

We Deserve Better

Our utility firms provide us all with the unglamorous but necessary products which we need to live in the modern world; essential things like energy (electricity and gas) and water, as well as almost-essentials like bank accounts and telephones too.

Better Regulation

The exponential increase in regulation has not only hit businesses (particularly small businesses), but it has also increased the bureaucratic burden on individuals, charities, public bodies and social enterprises.