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Build Up Not Out

For years, I've been campaigning to make it easier for urban property owners to build up to the level of other buildings in the same block without needing planning permission.

This change will make homes more affordable, break the stranglehold of large housebuilding firms on the number of new homes that are built, protect the environment because we are reducing pressure to concrete over greenfield sites and regenerate town centres and High Streets struggling to cope with competition from out of town centres and online retailing.

By axing these outdated planning restrictions and build up, not out, we will create vast amounts of extra building space, protect the environment and make houses cheaper - what's not to like?


Weston Mercury: MP & Trust vow to continue Birnbeck Pier mission

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John and local community group - The Birnbeck Regeneration Trust - have this week renewed calls to rescue the Pier. In addition, the group battling to save Birnbeck says the damage caused during Storm Frank will not undermine its long-term rescue plans...


Western Daily Press: "Save old Birnbeck Pier before it's gone forever" says MP

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The Western Daily Press reports on John Penrose's comments after Weston's historic Birnbeck Pier, almost 150 years old, was left with most of the north jetty just inches above the water of the Bristol Channel following the storm.


Weston Mercury: MP urges owner to save Birnbeck

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WESTON-SUPER-MARE’S MP John Penrose has said the town is ‘fed up’ of waiting for the owner of Birnbeck Pier to carry out vital improvement works and claimed the pier could become an ‘important’ historical asset if it is saved.


Birnbeck Regeneration Trust thank John and welcome him as a Supporter

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The Birnbeck Regeneration Trust has thanked John Penrose for his support of the regeneration of Birnbeck Pier and named him as a supporter of the Pier.


Bristol Evening Post: MP's Calls Result In Movement On Birnbeck

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The Bristol Post reports on the news that John Penrose MP's calls for movement on Birnbeck Pier have resulted in a number of positive developments. Not only has Mr Samady said he will stand aside should a more viable alternative be put forward, but he has also hired a team of advisers to review his own business plans.


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