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Build Up Not Out

For years, I've been campaigning to make it easier for urban property owners to build up to the level of other buildings in the same block without needing planning permission.

This change will make homes more affordable, break the stranglehold of large housebuilding firms on the number of new homes that are built, protect the environment because we are reducing pressure to concrete over greenfield sites and regenerate town centres and High Streets struggling to cope with competition from out of town centres and online retailing.

By axing these outdated planning restrictions and build up, not out, we will create vast amounts of extra building space, protect the environment and make houses cheaper - what's not to like?


DCMS Blog: The Shard, Stonehenge and an OBE for a great restaurateur

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In this week's DCMS Blog John Penrose, Tourism and Heritage Minister, discusses the work that has recently gone into two of the UK's most iconic structures. One, The Shard, is a modern innovention and the largest building in Europe; the other, Stone Henge, is approaching 5000 years old and just over head-height.


John Penrose talks about Gloucester's Heritage

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In a short clip, John Penrose, Tourism and Heritage Minister, talks about Gloucester's heritage and why it is so important...


DCMS Blog: Buses, Gay Pride and a bird’s eye view of Britain in the 1920s

E-mail Print this week's DCMS Blog John Penrose, Tourism and Heritage Minister, tells us why in 2012 Britain is very much like that big red bus you've been waiting far too long for.


DCMS Blog: HM The Queen, Cucumber Sandwiches and a Shanghai Surprise

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In his regular Blog for the DCMS website, John Penrose discusses the public popularity of Her Majesty the Queen and why so many of us dream about one day meeting her.


DCMS Blog: Seconds out, it’s Heritage v Growth

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In this week's DCMS Blog John Penrose takes a look at some of those universal truths that, despite not being true at all, remain obstinately stuck in people’s minds, however often evidence to the contrary is rolled out. It's all in aid of the message that heritage plays – and will continue to play – a really important part in our national prosperity.


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