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John writes a fortnightly column for The Weston & Somerset Mercury as Weston-Super-Mare's MP, provides articles for numerous local and national publications, and is regularly interviewed by these avenues too. Copies of these articles and interviews are below:

Mercury Article: The Beasts of Westminster...

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People often describe politics as a ‘dog-eat-dog’ kind of world and, leaving aside the fact that it’s a rather gratuitous insult to man’s best friend, I’m not sure it’s really true anyway. But there’s at least one area of Parliament where the dogs are, literally, in charge...


Mercury Article: So how are those New Year resolutions going?

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So, how are those New Year resolutions going? Are you toiling away at the gym and turning down those extra chocolates in a determined attempt to make amends for Christmas? Me neither. But there are still some pretty important things I want to achieve in 2015....


Don't turn the clock back to bad old days of Avon

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In an article for The Bristol Evening Post, John expands on his opinion that Avon isn't the right answer for us in terms of funding. He explains that: 'it's not that we don't like Bristol... It's just that, when we were part of Avon, Bristol always seemed to get the lion's share of everything while the rest of us were left with the crumbs.


John invited to see the work Weston's Hep C Team are doing

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You know those startling moments when something you sort-of-knew in theory suddenly leaps off the page when you see it for real? John writes about how this happened to him when he accepted an invite from Weston's Hep C team who now have access to Hep C treatments that can cure the nasty disease entirely.


Weston Mercury: Weston Deserves Better

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In his weekly column written for the Weston Mercury, John asks whether you've signed the Fairer Funding petition yet. For those unaware, John has teamed up with the Weston Mercury to spread awareness of the Fairer Funding Petition that looks to make sure Weston and the villages get a fair share of whatever Government Health, Police & Education cash is going...


Weston Mercury Article: Fragile Reputations and The Recall Bill

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In this week's article for The Weston Mercury, John talks about reputations, how very fragile they can be and the new Recall Bill that will force misbehaving MPs to face the music with their electors immediately...


Mercury Article: Weston should be proud of huge improvements in local schools

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In this week's article for The Weston Mercury, John talks about how any parent, wherever or whoever they are, wants a good education for their children and how Weston's schools are ensuring that this is the case for local families...


Bristol Evening Post Column: The Scots have done us a double favour, by John Penrose MP

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In an article for The Bristol Evening Post, John talks about the Scots vote that will see them stay in the UK. Three centuries of heritage were saved, a phenomenal intellectual and artistic culture will still flourish, and one of the most successful economic unions survived to trade another day...


Weston Mercury Column: Unemployment keeps on falling!

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In this fortnight's Weston Mercury column, John talks about the latest figures that show local unemployment has almost halved since May 2012...


John Penrose MP Interviewed by 'The Weston Luminare'

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Weston's MP, John Penrose, has perhaps his longest interview to date with new culture and lifestyle magazine, The Weston Luminare.

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