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Hello and welcome to my website! I’m John Penrose, your local Member of Parliament for Weston-super-Mare. Please use this site to find out more about the work I’m doing for Weston, Worle and the villages and how to contact me should you need my help.

Latest News

MP delighted with report declaring 'employment is at an all-time high' as joblessness plummets

The Weston Mercury speaks with John about the news that local employment has reached a record-breaking high...


North Somerset Times: MP secures better health care funding

North Somerset has been awarded more Government funding for healthcare, which Weston’s MP says will stop the area being ‘overshadowed’ by Bristol.


Weston Mercury: Extra £10m for North Somerset’s healthcare

The Weston Mercury reports on the new health care funding formula that John has fought for over many years, meaning Weston will no longer be looked at as the ‘poor relation’ to Bristol....


Weston Mercury: Judges vs Parliament?

In his article for the Weston Mercury, John asks whether we really want to encourage a pushing contest between Judges and Parliament...


John quizzes Phillip Hammond on Autumn Statement's Housing...

Following the Autumn Statement, John asks for more work to provide affordable homes for British people; suggesting urban sites as a potential area to give priority.


Video: John Intervenes during Rail Electrification Debate to ask why Bristol & Surrounding Area Overlooked

Video of John pressing the case for electrification of Weston’s rail service to Bristol, after Ministers announced that other projects have been delayed. John asks that Ministers provide cost-benefit ratios of the delayed projects so local people can compare them to electrifying our local line and states that it is unreasonable that the area, one of the UK's most economically important, be overlooked...


John Presses Case for Local Railway Electrification

John Penrose MP has intervened during a debate in Parliament to press the case for electrification of Weston’s rail service to Bristol, after Ministers announced that other projects have been delayed.


John Demands Answers On Railway's Electrification Work

The full force of local peoples' dismay at the decision to delay rail electrification to the city was felt by the Rail Minister as John and other local MPs voiced their "outrage" at being left behind.


Enough of doubt and division on leaving the EU. Let’s work together and get it done well.

In an article for Conservative Home, John discusses the weary old sameness to the Brexit debate at the moment. John calls for those encouraging this feeling to put an end to it and, instead, use the extra energy to work on fundamental issues for the UK's future.


Ministers confirm big step towards John's up-not-out suggestions...

Ministers have announced that strict limits on the height of houses could be axed under the biggest overhaul of Britain's planning laws for more than 70 years, matching suggestions John made in his up-not-out campaign.


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